Building Solutions Working by your side_

EF provides solutions based on middleware components and frameworks, customizable and fully developed and maintained by its development centre. These solutions are currently installed in production environments in several customers.

These frameworks comprise modular base components, easy to reuse and extend. Thus, the solutions provided by EF have a cohesive and robust core, reused in several implementations with proven worth in the market.

EF develops customized features based on these components, tailored to the customer’s needs, both in terms of integration requirements with backend systems and with front-end components, which enables a complete adaptation to the customer’s image and communication profile.

EF Solutions and frameworks EF

  • dWare Retail banking – Multi-channel electronic banking platform of EF for the retail segment. The key to the success of the solution lies in its extensibility and adaptability to the realities of each bank and to the specificities of each country’s market. Find out more
  • dWare Corporate banking – Multi-channel platform of EF for Electronic Banking, covering the small, medium and large businesses segments. The key to the solution’s success lies in its extensibility and adaptability to the realities of each bank and to the specificities of each country’s market. Find out more
  • CATUS – Complete family of products for integration with payment systems in Portugal and Angola, including modules for processing and clearing credit and debit card operations in real time and asynchronously, transfers, cheques and direct debits. Includes integration connectors for the SEPA and SICOI systems (Portugal) and also the STC system (Angola). Find out more
  • dWare Simul – Platform of credit simulators for use in back office or at the counter. This platform also has a component to provide availability to the general public, through online and mobile channels. Find out more
  • dWare Reporting System - Regulatory reporting solution, specialised for the Angolan market (reporting to the National Bank of Angola). Find out more

Integration with market solutions and platforms

The solutions backed by EF follow a reference architectural model, which allows simple and quick integration with the customer’s existing systems.

The solutions developed by EF are also designed with well-defined interfaces to allow easy integration with different market or proprietary systems and platforms that exist.

EF provides, in particular, extensive experience in the integration of solutions in heterogeneous environments with legacy systems or even with other more recent third-party solutions. EF develops and maintains libraries of connectors for such systems that streamline systems' integration.

Continuity services

EF ensures the continuity of services on all systems it has implemented, under maintenance agreements.

24x7 technical support

Continuity services enable customers, given the critical nature of some systems, to benefit from 24x7 technical support for the diagnosis and solving of problems, provided by technical teams specialized in the systems and the specific context of each customer.

Onsite support services

EF offers onsite support services. In these cases, EF ensures the provision of teams with in-depth knowledge of systems installed on the client, working in close coordination with the customer’s operational teams. These teams include resources from the project teams, guaranteeing an in-depth technical and functional approach for the solutions, thus becoming an asset for our customers.

Service quality and systems continuity

The core components of our solutions are subject to review, update and ongoing internal improvement processes that give rise to upgrades for our customers, with benefits in terms of cost and risk.

We guarantee the continuous evolution of the systems under maintenance agreements. Thus, our customers are not at risk of discontinuity of the solutions provided.

We offer consulting and development services for the solutions we have developed, enabling our customers to evolve their systems with customized features and services according to their needs.