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Private customers increasingly view banks as service providers that should be available wherever and whenever the customer needs them. In this context, the counter is gradually ceasing to be the preferred means of contact with the bank. Customers want to be able to autonomously perform their current operations, and they don’t want to be or even agree to be limited to the opening hours of the bank and they demand from the bank guarantees of security, speed and easy access to services, and all this at the lowest possible cost.

The pressure of the market, on the other hand, forces banks to do more and better with less resources. Competition for differentiation and offering innovative products and services is now a fact of the strategy of a bank that intends to assert and maintain its market position.

The dWare Retail platform is a complete digital banking platform that allows the bank to meet the needs of its customers 24x7, on any channel and anywhere.


The dWare Retail platform is a complete solution that includes a wide range of services for private individuals and self-employed businesspersons (ENI). The key to the success of the solution lies in its extensibility and adaptability to the realities of each bank and the specificities of each country’s market.

It is a robust, technologically advanced solution proven in the market. The architecture of the platform is prepared for transactional environments capable of processing large volumes of transactions. Its multi-level architecture is scalable horizontally and vertically depending on the evolution of the services and volume of operations.

It is based on Java technologies and complying with stringent criteria of modularity and extensibility. This solution easily adapts to any computing environment and integrates with different core banking systems.

Reference architecture

Key features

It is an open and extensible platform, which can easily be integrated with any banking or other feature existing in backend systems of the bank, such as CRM or scoring platforms.

Banking features
  • Look up balances and movements, look up account data, statements, global position, loans
  • Look up digital documents
  • Documentary proof of operations
  • Payments of services, payments to the State, payments of purchases, telecommunications, MBNet
  • National (internal and interbank) transfers
  • International transfers
  • Direct debits: look up and change
  • Stock markets - Buying and selling shares and securities, market and price queries
  • Cheques - Look up cheques, request cheque books, registration of cheque
  • Cards – Look up data, look up movements, request new card, request status changes
  • Loans
    • Look up loans
    • Look up financial plan
    • Amortization of loan
  • Term deposits
    • Opening term deposit
    • Look up term deposits
    • Topping up term deposits
PSD2 support
  • Execute payment initiated by a TPP (PIS - Payment Initiation Service)
  • Authorize, view and revoke consents (AIS - Account Information Service)
  • Authorize, view and revoke Availability of Funds Confirmation
  • SCA Authentication for all operations
Additional features for the customer
  • Customization of the service, accounts, security, alerts, language
  • Scheduling of operations
  • Frequent beneficiaries
  • Secure messaging between the bank and the customer
  • Submission of documentation through secure channel to the bank
Features for the bank
  • Management of private contracts
  • Setting handling conditions for the customer
  • Control of scheduled operations
  • Look up customer operations (trace of customer activity)
  • Configuration of different multi-factor authentication mechanisms
  • Setting limits for execution of operations
  • “4 eyes” validation support
  • Integration with CRM tools

dWare Retail includes internal security and authentication mechanisms, such as the matrix cards management module or SMS tokens. The modular architecture of the solution also allows the authentication processes to be fully external to the solution, integrating with other third-party solutions such as solutions of RSA, Vasco, Citizen’s card (Portugal and Spain).

Security mechanisms available on the platform:

  • Multi-factor authentication
  • One Time Password: SMS token, Matrix card, integration with third-party solutions
  • Notifications and alerts by SMS
  • RBAC access (Role Based Access Control) for customers according to profiles and authorizations contracted with the bank
  • RHBAC (Hierarchical Role Based Access Control) - mapping for the hierarchy of the structure of the bank
  • Control of duplicate operations
Cross-cutting features
  • Multi-channel: web desktop, mobile, SMS, IVR, ATM
  • Multi-language
  • Multi-currency
  • Operations validation and approval workflow
  • Multi-level and modular architecture allows integration of new features
  • Webservices export interface for making the feature available to third-party applications
  • Scalability
  • Security
  • Market proven
  • No down-time: available 24x7, automatic scheduling support for operations in the event of unavailability of backend systems
  • Operations scheduling engine
  • Alarmistic and integration with monitoring platforms
  • Auditing