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EF has extended its areas of expertise to include core banking systems, with the aim of consolidating the provision of services to the financial sector.

In recent years, EF has chosen specialization in the Oracle Flexcube core banking platform, because it is recognised worldwide as a reference platform in the market. In this area EF has extensive experience proven in various segments of production environments.

Operation of the Flexcube platform

  • Management and maintenance of Bank parameters
  • Design and parameterization of new products
  • Development of test booklets
  • Performance of tests
Customization and extension of functionality

We have focused, in order to create added value on Flexcube, on integration with other systems and the customization of the platform through its intrinsic extensibility mechanisms, notably the Extensibility Pack, the Generic Gateway, as well as using standardized data integration repositories. This has made it possible for us to answer the needs of our customers in good time while maintaining the banking business philosophy centralized in Flexcube and, at the same time, adapting existing support in a flexible manner.

  • Implementation of warnings / forms to be handed over to the customer (with PDF generation and tailor-made warnings).
  • Customization of the printing of single cheques.
  • Integration with EMIS (Global Model 5.1).
  • Customization of the printing of Bank drafts and extension of the native feature of Flexcube for automatically writing the amount in words in Portuguese.
  • Extension of the Flexcube feature for integration with the SWIFT network, taking into account market specificities, allowing levels of abstraction between the parameterization in Flexcube and particular nature of each country.
  • Extension of the cheque clearing interface in order to produce different files for each bank in Angola and to concatenate the files received in a single file, so that it may be processed by Flexcube
  • Implementation of Flexcube monitoring and control tools to support the operations of the Bank that permit the automation of routine tasks in the operation of Flexcube, reducing platform operating costs. These tools cover features in the following areas: support in the performance of end of day tasks, control of pending operations at counters, identifying unbalanced movements in accounting terms (GL), monitoring and alerts, upload of payment files, auditing, cashbook control, loading currency exchange rate and reference rate files, importing cheque files, among others.

Integration of tools that natively interact with Flexcube

dWare Internet Banking

Multi-channel dWare electronic banking integration solution of EF Tecnologias for business and private individuals.

dWare Reporting System

Integration solution for regulatory and information reporting. Covers all reporting for the National Bank of Angola and also supports internal information, accounting and operational reporting to support the Bank's activity, accessible via management dashboards.

CATUS - Payment Systems

Integration with the following national payments subsystems

  • STC - Credit transfers subsystem in the Angolan market
  • SICOI - Interbank Clearing System in Portugal
  • SEPA- Single Euro Payments

Technical operation of the Flexcube platform

  • Routine end of day tasks
  • Monitoring of the platform
  • Management of users and products
  • Management and creation of counters

Flexcube support infrastructure

  • Procurement expertise for the datacenter support solution, including hardware infrastructure, networking and basic software for the environments (development, quality, testing and production).
  • Operation of Flexcube platform support systems in production environments including monitoring systems, security control, and the maintenance and evolution of systems in terms of the hardware and the basic systems of the support datacenter, management and control of backups.
  • Management and maintenance of Disaster Recovery Environments
  • Systems auditing
  • Flexcube installation in Solaris e Linux environments


EF provides functional and technical training covering the various modules of Flexcube. The training can be easily adjusted to the needs of each customer, depending on the installed modules and customer needs (laboratory training, hands-on training and mixed training).