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Customers are increasingly looking for immediate answers from banks for credit simulations, so that they can set out credible levels of their indebtedness capability.

In these situations a financial entity that allows the customer to independently simulate the regular amount they will have to repay for credit to buy a car or a house, will be at a competitive advantage over other institutions since they are able to be immediately present in the pre-sale stage.


dWare Simul is an engine based on rules and workflow for the simulation of different financial credit and insurance products.

It primarily answers two needs of financial institutions:

  • Facilitates the pre-sale of products in non face-to-face channels, through the provision of web applications integrated into web or mobile portals of the financial institution or third-party solutions such as, for example, the integration of a simulator in the portal of a car dealership.
  • Equip the financial institution with a simulation tool that is easily configurable for direct sales services.
  • It is an open and extensible platform capable of incorporating the specific rules of each financial institution. The modular architecture allows it to be easily integrated with existing backend systems of the institution, for example, scoring systems, CRM, mapping rules associated with structured products, platforms for submitting and contracting proposals.

Reference architecture

Functional features

  • Quick and easy management and creation of new products, for better control over how they may enter the market.
  • Parameterization of products, price lists and fees.
  • Cross-selling configurable by products.
  • Integration with customer scoring systems and calculation of conditions according to the system.
  • Generation of Standardised Information Sheets (Bank of Portugal).
  • Sending standardised email, facilitating pre-sales.
  • Operation in different modes to support different communication channels.
    • Simple - Immediate simulations with default values for the presentation of example simulations.
    • Public Channels - Detailed simulations to be carried out over the internet by the general public but with restrictions on the level of parameterized rates and conditions.
    • Agencies or Resellers - Simulations that can be customized and with the possibility of changes to credit conditions (spreads, cross-selling, commissions, residual values, etc.)
    • Export Service - Possibility of export of service (webservice or application) for integration into third party systems to facilitate pre-sale in commercial partners (e.g. real estate, insurance, car dealership,, electrical appliances store, etc.).

Typical products

  • Consumer loans: personal loans, loan accounts, negotiated overdrafts, credit cards, renewable energy, real estate leasing
  • Business loans: loans for investment, escrow accounts, loan accounts, negotiated overdrafts, credit cards, renewable energy leasing, equipment leasing, real estate leasing
  • Mortgages: construction works, improvement works, purchase of land, for different purposes
  • Motor vehicle loans: Loans and leasing
  • Insurance: life and non-life, mortgages, investment saving plans, motor vehicle, unemployment protection

Technical characteristics

Multi-layer modular architecture

  • Scalable
  • High availability – zero blockages 24x7
  • Auditable
  • Supports multi-competitor environments with large numbers of requests
  • Provision of services through a webservices gateway