Building Solutions Working by your side_

The positioning of EF tecnologias in the market is based on a strategy of partnership with customers, aiming at a win-win situation with advantages and benefits for both sides.

EF bases its operations on multidisciplinary teams, able to understand the language and the problems of customers, contributing with their knowledge, technological experience and business know-how to address their needs.

Customers find in EF a technology partner, from which they can expect a professional service with quality, answering their business challenges. This enables EF to keep highly motivated teams committed to the quality and success of the projects.

The partnerships with customers allow EF to undergo sustained growth, based on relationships of trust.

Since each customer is unique, EF is an agile and flexible supplier, able to quickly adapt and respond to the needs and specific requirements of each customer.

Bespoke solutions

The choice of bespoke solutions sometimes involves risk and a higher initial investment. In contrast, it provides a comprehensive response to the requirements and specificities of each customer.

Choosing a generic solution, on the other hand, offers advantages in terms of robustness and stability. These are usually widely used solutions and with bases installed in various production environments. However, they require the adaptation of the customer to the solution since they do not meet part of the requirements.

The best choice is often in the combination of the two options. Solutions or components that have proven, in the market, that they meet most requirements and extensions or bespoke customizations to meet the specific needs of the customer.

EF bases its solutions on stable, market-proven modules and components, installed in different customers. The robustness of our solutions is based on well designed, modular and extensible architecture that is easily tailored to the specifics of each customer, without jeopardising its scalability or upgrading capability.

Integration of value added
Valor Acrescentado

Sometimes, there are third-party solutions widely used in the market, which meet some of the customer’s requirements but do not meet all their needs, forcing an adaptation of the needs and not of the solution.

In these cases, EF works on the gaps found, adding and integrating value-added features based on other solutions, thereby allowing the solution to the adapted to the specific situation of the customer.