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Increasingly, the different systems and applications that provide support to the business need to interact with each other to create value in a business’ chain of features and information.

The guiding principles of a services architecture allow different systems in heterogeneous environments and technologies to interact with each other in a standardized manner through well-defined service interfaces.

EF has extensive experience in the integration of its solutions in heterogeneous environments with multiple backend solutions. Accordingly, it has developed over the years a portfolio of flexible connectors that link up through well-defined interfaces with third party systems. The architectural model of our solutions envisage the reuse of connectors. In situations where the customer has special systems it is easy to develop connectors as the final solutions transparently integrate with the technology base of the customer. Examples of typical integration connectors are: MQSeries, Webservices, SNAGw, FTP, email, JDBC, Flexcube generic gateway SIBS MFT and PRT, among others.

Our solutions integrate with third-party solutions through connectors and provide services that can be easily reused by third-party solutions.

Reference architecture model

Modelo de arquitectura de referência

Oracle Flexcube

Flexcube is a core banking system on which EF has developed expertise, not only in terms of implementation (parameterization and testing of the solution), but also as regards the integration and extension of functionality through:

  • Extensibility pack - Extensibility feature available in Flexcube
  • Generic Gateway - Integration of various systems with the core banking Flexcube
  • Generation of cheque files for printing in graphics
  • Integration and processing of cheque clearing
  • Integration with SAP accounting systems

dWare Internet Home and Corporate Banking

The multi-channel electronic banking platform of EF integrates with different backend systems through connectors for various central banking systems. This platform simultaneously exports services that can easily be integrated and reused by third-party solutions.

SIBS (Portugal) / EMIS (Angola)

Integration gateway with SIBS and EMIS through PRT (Real-Time Protocol) and MFT (MULTIBANCO File Transfer). The solution developed by EF is extensible and adaptable to each bank by implementing specific connectors for its central system, and parameterizing the modules according to each bank’s requirements.

This solution covers the following areas:

  • Banking services on the bank side (operations, cards, checks, payments, transfers, host to host).
  • Real time and offline processing of payments, on the merchant side using traditional integration interfaces (MFT and PRT) and also through the new Digital Payment Gateway (DPG). Integration includes for MB WAY payments, MB reference generation, service payments, among other means of payments supported by SIBS DPG.
  • SIBS API Market (PSD2).


Integration gateway and the processing of integration files with UNICRE. This solution is extensible and adaptable to the specifics of each bank and its central systems, through connectors.


Integration of core banking systems with the SWIFT network through message processing gateways.

VCH (Vida Crédito Habitação) Backoffice software for integration with APB / APS VCH platform

This backoffice application developed by EF provides a means of communication between credit institutions and insurance companies. It aims to respond to the fulfillment of the reporting obligations from Decree-Law 222/2009 (Portugal), of 11 September.


Processing of payment files (Spain)
Investment products (Spain)
I2S insurance platform (Portugal)
Keyhelp insurance platform (Spain)
Integration with accounting module
OTP authentication systems
Cash management
National Identification Document (Spain)
Cartão do cidadão
Integration of authentication with the Citizen’s Card (Portugal)
Regulatory files of CONTIF and CIRC
Regulatory files for the new CRC 5G - Central de Responsabilidades de Crédito (AnaCredit)
Subsystem of Credit Transfers (Angola)