Building Solutions Working by your side_

Some of our clients

Our customers are primarily notable financial institutions who rely on us for the implementation and maintenance of robust and innovative technology solutions for the success of their businesses.

We consider our customers to be our main partners. We establish with them special work relationships, based on mutual interests and the complementarity of expertise upon which good partnerships should be based.

Technological partnerships

EF maintains a network of flexible partnerships established in a project context, taking into account how that partnership will enhance the final solution of the intended project. Accordingly, EF contributes its specialised expertise in the areas where it operates and it complements this expertise with other expertise of third parties, in order to best answer the needs in each situation.

EF acts in different capacities in these types of partnership. It often acts as a prime contractor, while in other situations it acts as a partner in a consortium led by others or even by the customer.

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