Building Solutions Working by your side_

EF tecnologias is a company that has been operating for over 30 years, focused on developing software solutions.

Over time it has developed a high degree of expertise in the financial sector, where it has in-depth business knowledge and consolidated experience in the supply of IT solutions and services in Europe and Africa.

EF takes a strongly technological approach. The company’s core mission is to create appropriate solutions meeting the needs of its customers.

Our strongpoints setting us apart from the competition in the market include the quality and robustness of our solutions. The entire implementation process follows exhaustive guiding principles in terms of analysis, planning and design of software architectures. We steer our technological choices to ensure that the customer has available, at all times, the best technology for their needs.


We are a highly customer-oriented company. Our primary mission is solving the problems and needs of our customers, with whom we work in close partnership.

We jointly work on innovative projects, sometimes associated with emerging technologies, in which it is essential that technologically robust and stable foundations are established that can leverage solutions for the future.

We create conditions in these partnerships to guarantee high levels of knowledge and autonomy, with the aim of reducing our customers’ operating costs.

We believe that the longevity of these partnerships must be based on the continuous creation of value, based on well-designed solutions and relationships of mutual trust between the parties. We make it our obligation and mission to develop high quality solutions, associated with permanent continuity services, through specialised teams.